Xelie’s Gift

BookCoverFRONT6x9_Color141121As many of you know, this past summer I lost my beloved heart dog, Xelie (Zelly), a rare-breed Picardy Shepherd, to lymphoma.  The time she and I spent together the last four weeks of her life were incredible, and the events that followed her death were beyond amazing.  The experience was so remarkable, in fact, that I was inspired to write a book.

“Xelie’s Gift” is for any of you who have loved and lost a cherished pet or working partner.

It’s a true account of the unique journey Xelie and I shared.  A journey in which this remarkable Picardy Shepherd reversed the typical roles of human and dog, a journey where she became the teacher, not the taught.  An inspirational journey that has revolutionized my teaching methods, and transformed my personal life.





Wow!  “Xelie’s Gift” is a #1 New Release in the category of Animal & Pet Care Essays!!! 


This is one of those books you don’t want to put down. It made me revisit my relationship with my  dogs. I cried I laughed and I learned. What more could you ask of a book?
Vicki King
Springtime Shelties
Spring, Texas

Xelie’s Gift is a captivating book from the first page to the last page. This book shares a wonderful perspective of life, love, and loss. After reading Xelie’s  Gift  you will find yourself examining the way you handle your real life situations. Thank you for writing this heartfelt masterpiece; it has forever changed my life.   – Kathryn Murphy

 If you’ve ever been blessed to experience the unconditional love of an animal then Xelie’s Gift is for you. Opening your heart and mind…Michele McGuire takes the reader on a journey sketched with Joy, Humor, Exuberance, Loss, and Gain that transcends our emotions from the natural realm to the divine love of a canine for it’s human.”

Wow!  What a book!  Love it!  I bought if for my entire team.  The best Christmas gift!  I wasn’t sure I would be able to read it, but the message was beautiful.  I am so glad you chronicled this journey. See you in January and have a very Merry Christmas!!  Sherilyn




Photos of Xelie:



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