Dogs in fieldMichele0124Michele McGuire has always had an affinity for dogs and animals.  She has a unique gift of being able to bring the best out in each dog she works with as well as the ability to explain clearly to beginning handlers how to train and handle their dogs.

She believes it’s essential to take the time to look at each and every dog as an individual – they have different personalities, fears and strengths, just like people do.

Training programs are then tailored to each dog’s nature, nurturing cooperation and partnership in a fair manner with strong leadership. This approach ultimately produces a lifelong herding partner, rather than a dog who’s obedience is simply mechanical.

Michele began herding a number of years ago with a dog she’d rescued – a Shepherd mix with aggression issues. Looking to put her mind to something in hopes of calming her down, Michele and Lucy decided to try their hand at herding.

Quickly addicted to the sport, Michele began to work and train as many dogs as she could get her hands on, ultimately training numerous dogs who went on to qualify for the USBCHA National finals in both the Nursery and Open classes.

Michele has been fortunate enough to have trained with some wonderful people – Alasdaire Macrea (International SupremeWinner and 8-time National Champion), and Bobby Dalziel (2-time International Supreme Winner) to name a couple.

Not to mention the many, many wonderful and talented open handlers who have been generous enough to talk dogs and training with her.

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