Jan Melendez. writes:

Michele is amazing!  The ability to masterfully handle the different personalities/talents/flaws of the animals and their person is truly a gift. I stand back in wonder when I am at Paws4Ewe. Michele changes gears from one dog/human pair to another without pause as she goes from one lesson to the next. Each team gets her full attention and dedication. And everyone feels cherished. Not only does Michele understand how most dogs think and process, but she understands people as well and is able to bring the best out of both- a very rare talent. Thank you for allowing my dog to find his purpose and for encouraging my sister, his handler, to bloom.  The change in both of them is tremendous. I can’t thank you enough!

Agility Trainer, Olga Chaiko writes:

“Good to hear from you. Luz and I both miss you a great deal, ;-(   I have looked at your new place on your website and it’s fabulous! We’d love to come visit. Hopefully we’ll be able to “swing by” later this year en route from one trial or other.  You are most welcome to use mine and Luz’s name as a reference. We’d be only glad. Here is a webpage with a bunch of Luz’s herding pictures”

Jan H. writes…

“As a novice just starting out with my novice dog, finding Michele McGuire to train with was one of the best things to happen to us. Michele trains both dogs and their humans with patience and kindness. She has a great sense of humor and clearly explains the sometimes confusing process of learning the art of herding. My dog and I always looked forward to training days. It was a sad day for us when she moved to Texas-but a lucky one for Texas!”

From Linda Z, who owns old english sheepdogs…

I’m ready to talk to anyone, anywhere and sing your praises!  I might be good for “non-BC breed”  handlers.

Suzanne writes…

“Great website.   I would be happy to be a victim [for references].  There is no way I could have ever competed in AKC – B course and won a 1st place ribbon if it weren’t for you. And in a very short period of time too.  Thank you….thank you. ”

Lee writes…

I would be very happy to give you a reference.  I may have a picture of Roper herding in March….if I can get one I will immediately send it your way

Moe writes…

Now here is a request I am happy to fulfill. Anyone can call anytime.  Can’t tell you how much Clyde and I miss you.

Annie, with beared collies writes:

If you want to list me as a reference please feel free. I would brag about you to any perspective students out there in TX. BTW, Cylee earned her HT title this weekend. She qualified both days. Thanks for all of your help! You were the one that got us going in the right direction. Have a great day!  Miss ya!

Susan Eastman, Agility & Obediance Instructor, writes:

Hi Michele,
You can certainly use me as a reference. Jack and Angel haven’t been herding in a while. I started showing Jack in agility and have kind of focused on that and getting more business. Unfortunately as I get more business I have less time for fun stuff.

Joyce, border collie, and sheltie owner writes:

Hi Michele,  I am glad to hear you made it to TX and are doing well. The website looks good so far….. The pictures of the big field made me have heart palpitations thinking of having Joey in it! HAHA!  Anyway, I would be happy to give you recommendations…. I already gave your name to a woman who has BCs and lives somewhere between Austin and Houston…

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