ch15 TexasMay2007-0004Situated conveniently, about thirty minutes east of Austin, Paws4ewe is nestled in the country between Elgin and Bastrop.

We are dedicated to training all breeds of herding dogs in a fair manner with
strong leadership. We strive not only to develop and nurture the handler’s full
understanding of the concepts underlying successful herding, but are also devoted
to developing each dog’s talents to its fullest.

Here at Paws4ewe, we strive to go beyond simple obedience – our goal is to
develop a harmonious working partnership based on a relationship of mutual
respect that will bring hours of enjoyment and satisfaction to both you and your dog.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or interested in serious competition, we can put together a plan suited for you.

Group classes or private instruction available. Or leave your dog for an in-house training

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